The world is a magnificent series of connections between people, places and cultures. In this episode, we will connect to a city through its history, learn how an act of service leads to unexpected bonds between people of diverse backgrounds, and delve into the universal, yet local, culture of music. These stories showcase how connections broaden our understanding of the world and empower our own life stories with new perspectives.

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Immerse yourself in Cartagena, Colombia, with writer and television host Jason Kessler as he walks through the history of this vibrant city. Share in his desire to connect to the places he visits and see how he gains a deeper appreciation for the world with every trip.



Join writer and television host Jason Kessler as he examines the impact global travel has on our views of the world. Discover how an unexpected fine-dining restaurant inside a Colombian women’s prison builds connections over acts of service. Then, enjoy the sounds of Cartagena heritage through Champeta music. Through these stories, experience how connections inspire new perspectives and deepen our understanding of the world.


“You have this idea of what the world is, but until you actually get to explore it, you don’t know what it really looks like.”

– Jason Kessler

August 15, 2018

The Power of Connecting to a City

  Immerse yourself in Cartagena, Colombia, with writer and television host Jason Kessler as he walks through the history of this vibrant city. Share in his desire to connect to…
April 18, 2018

Connecting to Colorful Cartagena

There's a rhythm to Cartagena that you start to feel as soon as the sun rises.
Downtown LA InterContinental ArticlesConnection
April 18, 2018

Downtown LA’s Makeover Story: A New Culture of Connection

Welcome to the new DTLA, a neighborhood that has re-established its connections to the rest of this sprawling city in ways symbolic and real.
March 9, 2018

Why Cocktail Hour Matters

Cocktail hour helped inspire InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Worldly Classics program created in partnership with renowned mixologist Angus Winchester.
March 9, 2018

How Tearooms in Washington D.C. Played a Significant Role in Women’s Society

The first tearooms in the United States played a significant role in transforming women's role in American society.


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