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To live the InterContinental® life means to have a passion for travel and a fascination for discovering new places. In this episode, you will discover three new things: a hidden story from the past, a different way of experiencing the present, and an idea of how fascination is formed in the first place. Altogether, you will experience a variety of ways that fascination enriches our lives.



A World Of Luxury Right Beneath Our Feet

Historian Donald Miller tells a true story from InterContinental New York Barclay’s past: an underground city from the 1930s where guests once strolled, shopped, and met friends in beautiful, subterranean passageways.

Listen To Donald’s Imaginative Retelling Of A Secret And Luxurious NYC Past



Central Park By Every Sense But Sight

Take a walk through New York’s famous Central Park with an unlikely guide: Frank Senior, a New York City native who is a renowned jazz musician and Central Park connoisseur, and also has been blind since birth.

Hear Frank’s Full Fascinating Perspective On How We Perceive The World



On The Origins Of Fascination

Join bestselling author Julie Klam in the InterContinental New York Barclay’s Gin Parlour for an inspiring conversation about fascination – where it comes from, how it works, and what our interests in the world mean.

Hear From Julie As We Explore A Passion For Fascination
"Whatever you're fascinated by, whatever you're curious about, gives you information about yourself." - Julie Klam
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