What constitutes genuine sophistication? And as travellers, how can we seek it out and truly appreciate it? In these stories, we will discover how a lifelong dedication to the art of ballet continues to bring increasingly sophisticated performances to demanding audiences. We also learn why only a combination of tradition with innovation can create some of the most revered wines in Bordeaux. And finally, how the pursuit of excellence in every detail brings world-class acclaim to fine dining and traditional establishments in Singapore alike. These stories illustrate that sophistication can be arrived at over time by refining one’s craft and gaining more experience and understanding.



Follow gastronomic connoisseur Takanori Nakamura as he wanders through Singapore’s culinary scene, savouring the epicurean pleasures of fine dining and the authentic craft of traditional hawker food. Embark on a journey to some of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants and discover how chasing excellence in every detail helped them achieve the highest levels of sophistication.

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Immerse yourself in Bordeaux’s dance scene through the eyes of Charles Jude, director of the Bordeaux ballet. Discover how ballet has evolved over time, and how dedication to one’s art can create something better.



See how winemaker Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal combines eight generations of tradition with innovative techniques at Bordeaux’s Château Angélus estate. Her approach enables more people to experience and appreciate the complexity of Bordeaux wine.

Islands in Time: for Local Artisans, the Key to Staying Ahead is Standing Still

Islands in Time: for Local Artisans, the Key to Staying Ahead is Standing Still

The nation's love of apiculture is so deep, you could say that Slovenians have honey in their blood.
The Art of Japanese Bartending

The Art of Japanese Bartending

Japan's best known bartender, Hidetsugu Ueno, frowns over his spectacles as he shaves strips of ice with a razor-sharp blade.
Japan's Flavourful City: A Look at Osaka's Culinary Scene

Japan’s Flavourful City: A Look at Osaka’s Culinary Scene

No trip to Japan would be complete without visiting a few sushi bars to sample this iconic national dish.
InterContinental Riyadh Dessert

Riyadh Dining: Where Culinary Tourism Is King

You might say that Riyadh is a city in transition — in its tourism offerings and its food scene.
117 Dining InterContinental Sydney

Sydney Chefs Put a Sophisticated Spin on Sustainable Cuisine

Some of the world's most acclaimed chefs have set up sustainable kitchens in Sydney, Australia.
Yuzu Whiskey Sour at Jigger & Pony

How Singapore Grew Asia’s Most Sophisticated Cocktail Scene

From sophisticated to cutting-edge, Singapore boasts all the mixological diversity of cities many times its size.
Marina Social, InterContinental Dubai Marina

Haute Cuisine and High Design: Dining Adventures in Dubai

Dubai, with its towering architecture and multicultural lifestyle, represents a sensory experience like no other.
Taking Liberties: The Battle to Bring Irish Whiskey Back to Dublin

Taking Liberties: The Battle to Bring Irish Whiskey Back to Dublin

It's said the Irish invented whiskey after monks brought the distillation process back from Europe in around 1000 A.D.
Bordeaux vineyard

Luxury Lives in Innovative and Immersive Experiences

Contemporary customers know the richest memories are created when we are truly engaged.
Rech by Alain Ducasse

The Ingredients of Fine Dining

Even the most celebrated French chefs would protest that it is not proper technique that makes a fine meal.


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