The Evolution of


What constitutes genuine sophistication? And as travellers, how can we seek it out and truly appreciate it? In these stories, we will discover how a lifelong dedication to the art of ballet continues to bring increasingly sophisticated performances to demanding audiences. We also learn why only a combination of tradition with innovation can create some of the most revered wines in Bordeaux. These stories illustrate that sophistication can be arrived at over time by gaining more experience and understanding.



A Cultivated Taste

See how winemaker Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal combines eight generations of tradition with innovative techniques at Bordeaux's Château Angélus estate. Her approach enables more people to experience and appreciate the complexity of Bordeaux wine.



A Refined Art

Immerse yourself in Bordeaux’s dance scene through the eyes of Charles Jude, director of the Bordeaux ballet. Discover how ballet has evolved over time, and how dedication to one’s art can create something better.

Curious by Design: Constance Rubini

For curator and art historian Constance Rubini, curiosity about the objects we live with and use every day represents the ...
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Luxury Lives in Innovative and Immersive Experiences

Travel was once a luxury, the preserve of an elite few who could afford to embark on adventures abroad. Today, ...
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The Ingredients of Fine Dining

It is no coincidence that the word "gastronomy" roots itself in French. All aspects of life connect through food in ...
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The Transformation of Luxury Hotel Design

Previously regarded as a more functional and less worthy offshoot of the arts, modern design has risen in popularity and ...
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Winemaking in the 21st Century

In the heart of Saint-Émilion sits Château Angélus, an utterly charming family estate on the right bank of the winding ...
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A Ballet Renaissance in Bordeaux

A city famous for its wine, Bordeaux has long held the attention of the elite. Once among the most celebrated ...
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