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Worldliness is the highest form of sophistication. In these stories, you will discover a global outlook everywhere you go: in the transformation of a humble neighborhood into something bigger; the dream of luxury travel as experienced at half-speed; or the ability of contemporary art to visualize where the world’s going next. From each angle, you’ll discover that the more aware you are of other people and cultures, the more you feel at home anywhere your journey leads.



The Evolution Of A Neighborhood

Watch from high above Beijing’s trendy Sanlitun neighborhood, home to InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun, and hear from art expert Philip Tinari about how the evolution of a quiet diplomatic quarter connects to China’s evolution.

Continue to hear more from China expert and author Peter Hessler



A Vintage Sidecar Ride To Something New

Luxury travel sometimes means going slow, taking the time to savour what’s truly important. Take a sidecar ride through the quiet sides of Beijing at night and hear China expert and author Peter Hessler discuss the different perspectives that travel affords.

Gain more perspective by listening to our sidecar tour guide, Cesar Casellas



The Power of Art

Join Beijing’s world-famous 798 Art Zone as we talk to May Xue and Phil Tinari of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. Explore how contemporary art holds a mirror up to the world and can broaden our understanding of where our global society is going next.

Hear from May Xue and Phil Tinari of Beijing’s Ullens Center for Contemporary Art
"One major thing you can deduce from the work of a young artist is that they know what’s going on all over the world." - Philip Tinari
Enjoy the full conversation in the “Stories of the InterContinental life” podcast
May Xue and Phil Tinari

In an Emerging Fashion Capital, Romanian Designers Bring Their Heritage Home

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The World on an Ever-Changing Plate in Tel Aviv

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Düsseldorf: Sculpting an Artistic Tradition

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Joaquin Sorolla, Painter of Light

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Francis Bacon: Inside the mind of a genius

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